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Amazing business tool !!!

Can’t say enough about DOMO !! An amazing tool especially on the mobile version for fast paced management applications !!

SSC Manager at Daltile

Good information to help make decisions

Great dashboard tool

It’s feature rich and highly capable tool

Really is possible to run business from phone

Vast majority of functionality of desktop interface is actually even simpler in this mobile app. Only thing missing is a couple admin and data center settings I don’t need to use that often anyway.

Difficult UI

I find the UI extremely difficult to use. It’s hard to find cards and pages. I’m sticking with desktop for now.

One of my most used apps

I run my team at work all the while on the go. Such a fantastic way to keep a pulse on the business!

Excellent. How can a business not use Domo?

Incredibly easy to see what’s going on in every department of my business in real time. My favorite is the “alert” function, that will send me a notification when a report has gone above or below a benchmark I’ve set, so I know what requires my attention immediately. Amazing company and app.

GREAT app!

However ... I have one grief: the text color of some messages turns to white after a while of being posted to Buzz! Please fix!

Great Product!

Great app, that serves as a powerful extension to a fantastic tool! This new app and UI is absolutely next level (which I didn't think was possible!). Thank you Domo!!!

Great App. Keeps crashing

I love DOMO but have experienced constant crashes. Can no longer use it.

CRASHES after this update

I use this app a lot and now after this update the app crashes. Still like the app they just have to make it more stable before releasing it. I got the app to work by deleting the app and reinstalling it.


Will not work at all.

Single sign on doesn't work

The latest version of this app does not work properly with single sign on vendors like onelogin. You will have to go thru a multi step process to get in each time because the login info isn't stored properly on the device. This defeats the purpose of the app. No one wants to enter their password every few hours. I would not bother downloading if your company is using single sign on until this is fixed.

Nice update

Landscape on the pro is pretty slick.

Nice update

This app has some nice updates. Wish they would allow me to turn my phone and see my cards in a larger size on graphs that have a lot of data.

1st ever review!

I'm not entirely sure what this app is, but if I'm judging by my first impression and articles I've read on it, it certainly seems useful! I'm personally in a difficult industry where organized information can be the key to success. This application offers a deluge of possibilities when it comes to strategic planning so I'm anxious towards putting it use. As previously stated, my initial impression is positive, but I'll keep you update as my experience using this application progresses. Like many of you I am constantly looking for anything that'll give me even the smallest advantage in my career so that I can achieve the level of success we all strive for. If this application offers that advantage to me, it'll immediately become a permanent new tool in my belt, and who couldn't use that! Years from now, when the app. dominates our business world, remember... My review was 1st. 👍


I love the new update!! Really nice design!

Same issue

I have same issue as you have lol.. Is keep popin me out and redo it..


How do you get past the sign in page. It won't let me past the crest password. Just keeps making me redo things without a reason. Help?

Faster and incredibly functional

With the latest update, the app crashed on launch. However I read the release notes and followed uninstall instructions, and crashes stopped.

Can't even open it

iPhone 5s domo screen appears then back to my home screen. Never opens.

App crashes like none other.

For an expensive "inteligence" tool, it's not very intelligent. Can't wait for RShiny to put this product to bed.

App crashes immediately upon launch

I am incredibly disappointed with the evolution of the Domo app. Over the last several months the previous version would crash on a daily basis. This new version released yesterday now crashes upon opening. Domo team, get your act together. This is unacceptable. A previous fan.

Fire QA people

App does not open after update. iPhone 6 ios 8.1.2

Crashes on open even after restart

Ugh!!!! These jackasses do not test anything! App crashes on open!!! Don't update!!!

Constantly crashing

Domo is an awesome but pricey tool you can use to keep track of the daily workings of your business. It gains its status by giving you realtime actionable data. The major benefit is, having this data on the move. That's where the app comes in. This app would be 5 stars all the way if it was stable. The problem is it crashes constantly. There are certain cards that are a constant struggle to get into. I'm using an iPhone 5s not sure if a newer iPhone would change this.

Don't bother if you're not already a corporate user

Thought the app would be open to all but apparently you need to already be a customer. No pricing scheme online either. Stop spamming my Facebook and LinkedIn feed with ads if I can't even use your app!! Nor is there info to get started on the app.


app crashes too many times. needs bug fixes bad! currently almost impossible to use

App Fails to Launch

It launched a few times. Long enough to see a broken card on the iPad app that is functioning in a browser. I am reinstalling in hopes that it launches this time.

Application is not compiled

The developers didn't try this application yet , I go in they ask me about my email , as if that's the most important issue in using the application , no tutorial no introduction .... Anyway I try to type in my email, it tells me an internal error At the server , it's horrible , I'm so sorry that there are still people they throw applications on the market and they spend fortunes on the marketing , and the product is not ready to go yet to the end user .....

Great app

Loving this app so far. Smooth and easy to use. The drill down functionality built within each widget makes this more than just a surface deep tool - it truly is interactive, which is how a BI platform is meant to be. If you're an existing customer this is a must have for your decision makers out in the field.


The iPad app is throwing a 500 at login :(

Great Company

Love the app

Beautiful App

Domo's web interface was already pretty slick, but the native tablet version takes it to the next level. Simple access to the data you need, presented beautifully.


Amazing. Fantastic. Love it. Need more apps like this. Great job.

I can't believe I get this data

I have been trying for 15 years to get this information at my fingertips. Just awesome. Excited to see new versions as well.

Really slick

Love the UI on this thing. Using it on the iPad is especially nice. Good work.


This app is great!

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