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Domo, Inc.

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Economia Produttività
Sviluppatore Domo, Inc. (UT)

Domo’s unique mobile solution gives you all the flexibility you need to go beyond static reports and explore what’s happening right now in your business.

Don’t have a Domo account yet? Sign up for a Free Domo account right from the app. You’ll have immediate access to interactive, pre-loaded reports and full access to all the powerful Free Domo iOS and desktop features.

· Get insight into your business with real-time data visualizations.
· Drill, filter, and analyze data to answer your key business questions.
· Use ‘save as’ to create new cards with your drills, filters, and edits applied.
· Combine human insight and data to drive results with snapshot annotations
· Collaborate with anyone in your company with integrated chat.
· View important trends and stay on top of your ever-evolving organization.
· Use the company directory and interactive org chart to get in touch with the right person, fast.
· Integrates with the iOS Health app so you can analyze your fitness data through the power of Domo.